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Psychology at BPP University

Experience outstanding support and teaching while utilising advances in technology to develop your psychology study experience.

Your career in Psychology

Being a Psychologist can present a fascinating career that is both fulfilling and intellectually stimulating. During your psychology education journey an emphasis is placed on personal and professional development. Enabling you to develop academic, personal and professional skills that will prepare you for employment through a number of potential career paths that are in the field of psychology or elsewhere. in areas such as; marketing, industry or health and social services, to name a few.

In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who have invested in their personal and professional development. This could be through academic excellence, work experience, volunteering and other activities.

Psychologist career journey

British Psychological Society (BPS) accreditation

The following programmes are accredited by the BPS, paving the way for you to become a Chartered Psychologist or pursue further postgraduate study.

  • MSc Psychology [Conversion] Convert your non-psychology undergraduate degree to a Master's in Psychology. Accredited by the BPS.

BPP University Psychology research

The Psychology Department at BPP University conducts research under three main themes. These are:

The Health and Illness Research team

investigate how people make sense of symptoms along with threats to health and wellbeing. The team also study how the process of “making sense” influences emotions, cognitions and behaviours.

The Political and Social Psychology Research team (PSPRT)

investigate different aspects and types of identity to see how these are affected by threats to self. The team look at how characteristics evolve during childhood and beyond while seeing how ethnicity, gender and sexuality affect identity and self-esteem.

The Cognitive Psychology Research team (CPR)

investigate aspects of facial processing, memory and judgement making, with further work on how these cognitive processes influence decision-making, eyewitness testimony and social perception.

Detailed information about each theme, group members and recent publications are on the Psychology Research page.

London Waterloo

137, Stamford St

Psychology programmes awarded by BPP University are taught are our London Waterloo study centre.

Benezir Amein

"The lecturers are very clear about the expectation of you throughout the course and teach you how to be more effective in your studies. BPP University has given me opportunities to expand my skills such as public speaking and communication and also allowed me to represent my year and get involved with decision-making processes concerning my subjects."

Benezir Amein, BSc (Hons) Psychology student

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